How to end with strong legs

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krWho are those who end up with strong legs in life? I like you to take a while to reflect on this question while I pose another one:

How many people like it when they are travelling on a rough, hilly and difficult road? We all like to travel on a flat,smooth, and easy-to travel-on road, don’t we?

Yet,the hilly or rough and difficult road has its own blessings? Have you never thought about this? Many would wonder what blessings a hilly and rough road can have for anybody? How can going uphill be a blessing?

Someone has answered this beautifully. To paraphrase his words, when you have to go uphill all the times, you end up with strong legs.

It sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Although someone has jokingly reacted to it by saying “if only the legs don’t break before the one in question arrives.”

To go uphill often is to struggle; and struggle offers us an opportunity to become strong. If adversity, which is struggle, is positively handled, one emerges from it stronger and tougher.

Strong muscles are often the fruit of constant use or exercise. Muscles that are not used or exercised become flabby.

If you are facing a lot of challenges in your life, consider yourself lucky. That is a great blessing. If you approach them positively, they will take you to where you want to go.

The writer was thus perfect when he said going uphill a lot was a good opportunity to end up with strong legs.

Thank God for the rough, uphill roads you have on your path. Ask Him to use them to make your legs


11 thoughts on “How to end with strong legs

  1. May I change the subject and ask you to find words for my grandson who is in prison for a considerably long time and goes through cycles of self recrimination, depression and hope unfulfilled. I would appreciate some words I could write him. He is 22 years old, been in prison since 17 years old and for another eight more. He did’nt kill anyone but was repetitively aggressive. Thanks in advance.

    • God has a plan for everybody. sometimes the things that appear to be going wrong end up very well. Nelson Mandela spend twenty-eight years in prison but ended up as the President of his country and one of the greatest figures the world has ever known.

  2. As a kid I was small and I used to run up and down the hills of our landing. Little rolling rises and falls and through that over time my legs became strong. And like my legs understanding our youth needs hills to run to build up character. An older lady once told me, “Guard your heart”. Just like that and we guard it by hearing, practicing and practising some more.

    Good blog. Keep shining the lights!

  3. I love your pictures, they are beautiful! I wrote a post reflecting on how all my trials a few years ago were actually blessings that brought me to exactly where I am, which is a place I love! I appreciate this reminder 🙂

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