Be one of the winners

SAM_0076You can be one of the winners of the world. Did you know that?

If you have a poor background you do not have to let it stop you from becoming the person you want to be. Many people with worse backgrounds than you have made it to the top. Many are making it to where they want to be.

Although where you are coming from matters, it can be waved.

Nothing can actually stop you from becoming what you like to be. Only you can give power to whoever or whatever to stop you.

There is absolutely no limit to how high you can go in this world except that which you put on yourself.

Lots of ordinary people become extraordinary people when theyDSC_0000144 desire to, and are willing to make the effort and sacrifices necessary.

Be up and doing.

Take a firm resolution today to be one of the winners of the world; and you will be.

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