You can light the whole world

LIT CANDLEIn your hand I see a little candle
Giving out a beautiful candlelight;
Let me assure you;
The impact it can make on the world,
No tongue can tell.
It is a precious commodity, this little candle;
Little as it may be;
Hence, no wind must you allow to blow off its light!
For, if it does, that may be the sad end
Of an otherwise beautiful story of your beautiful candlelight;

Tooth and nail you must fight,
To keep wind off the way of your little candlelight;
Let it burn and shine
And light up the world around you!
And don’t let it end there.
Share its light.
Pass it on to one unlit candle beside you;
And when you are done, let them in their turn,
Light one other candle beside them;
krOne little candle at a time,
Lighting one other candle next to it,
Call it “Operation light one candle at a time”;
And soon one billion candles you will see
Like one billion stars shining all at once
In this dark world of ours!
krWhat a mighty light that would give!
And this is what the world needs.
Let your little candle
Start the light that will light the world.DSC_0000084

4 thoughts on “You can light the whole world

    • Hello Tessa! I want to sincerely thank you for your lovely award. I feel greatly encouraged and pray that God may grant me the graces to continue to serve him through his loving people. You might have taken note of the absence of awards on this blog. I have been nominated lots of times before, but the Management Board of this blog decided that we start receiving awards only after our first year of existence which is on August 14, 2015. I therefore, appeal for your indulgence to put it on hold till then. Thanks for your love and understanding. May your light continue to shine!

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