Your best personality.

The Bible is full of admirable personalities.

To many people, the most loving personality is Mary, the mother of Jesus.
To some, it is Joesph, the foster father of Jesus.
To others, it is Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles.

That is not all. There are people whose best personality is in the Old Testament.

Who is your best personality in the bible? What do you admire in them?


13 thoughts on “Your best personality.

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  4. The best personality according to us is not a man of flesh and blood, but an eternal Spirit Who can not be seen by man or they would fall death.
    The second in line is a man of flesh and blood who was seen by many. This man could be seen by many and was tempted more than once (whilst God cannot be tempted). This man from Nazareth did not want to do his own will, but did everything to please his heavenly Father. As our liberator we consider him also the most worthwhile personality and agree that it is also the most disputed person from the Bible, but also the most important one to know really very well who he is and what he has done for mankind.

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