Go for what you want

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Go for what you want.
Do not wait for it to come
And meet you.
Never will it do.

You must go for it.
Those who sit and wait
often wait in vain.
Those who go for it
Are those who get it.
Therefore, go for it;
Do not sit and wait.

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3 thoughts on “Go for what you want

  1. Go for what you want
    what you need,
    what you love in life.

    Waiting for the world
    to give it blindly, you
    won’t receive any
    happiness or joy.

    Go for your goals
    and dreams, but
    take care to go slow.

    Rushing too fast,
    we often trip and
    fall, hurting ourselves,
    walking away sad.

    Go forward slowly,
    minding your steps,
    enjoying the life you deserve.

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