Is he really a fool?

krIMG_0375You might have heard this story. It is about a man who was called a fool by his fellow villagers.
I wonder if you would join them to call him that.

Actually he not only looked stupid but also nasty; and people never wanted him around them.

One day, he got to the blacksmith’s workshop. Not wanting to see him, the blacksmith did all in vain to send him away. His shouts soon brought a small crowd that was curious to see what was amiss between the two men.

To frighten him off, the blacksmith removed a red-hot iron from the furnace and pointed it at him, threatening to burn him with it if he did not leave at once.

The fool was unperturbed. Instead, gazing at the blacksmith intently, he said, “Give me ten dollars and I will lick it.”
The blacksmith saw in that his chance to send him away once and for all. Thus, hastily, he removed a ten-dollar coin from his pocket and handed it to the fool.

“Now lick it,” he ordered, waiting to see the scene it would cause.PhotoGrid_1426362828130
Whereupon, with a smile, the fool got the ten-dollar coin, licked it on one side, then turned the other side and licked it too.

Seeing the brilliance of what he had done the watching-crowd saluted the action with a thunderous applause while the fool swaggered away.

Was he a real fool or a genius in disguise? kr

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