It takes time to build a great life

IMG_0375Anyone who wants to get to the top of the ladder in one day and becomes frustrated when it is not possible has not understood life.

A great life is not easy to build. A hut may take a day to build; but not a mansion. A dollar may be easy to earn; but not a million dollars.

Things of value are not easy to come by. You have to work hard for them.

You must persist to reach the winning point in a marathon. How can you ever bag a PhD, if you have not read for long hours? You cannot master a discipline if you have not taken time to study it.

If you have a big goal to achieve, get ready for many krblisters. Big goals are difficult to achieve; and call for hard work; persistence, or stay-on power. The challenges are enormous; but if you work hard, and persist, the result will be joy.

A great life takes time to build.


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    • Thank you Lionel.. What I am doing is what I have been called by the Lord to do. My purpose in life is to lift people up, to help them become the shining stars that they are meant to be.

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