Your time is running out

You have no time to waste;no dream is too big
Time will soon start
Running out for you;
Yet, lots of things
You have to do;
And unless you do them now,
You may never yes i can
Have the chance to do them again.
Whether you like it or not,
There’s a time you can do things;
And a time you can’t;
No matter how much you like to do them.
Now is the time for you to do the things
You like to do for yourself and the world;
And if you don’t do them now,
Have yourself to blame!
It is as clear as daylight,
Time will soon start running out for you!If you want to experience the joy of

15 thoughts on “Your time is running out

  1. What positive inspirational words, and what an amazing Blog. After teaching for a short time, I have spent most of my life bringing up 6 children and confronting painful issues. Although I am not young, there is still so much I would like to achieve, especially in Art, in which I trained. The writing of my Blog to which I am new, and the reading of your valued words and those of others like yourself, is feeding my soul. Thank you!

    • Thank you dear friend. You inspire me with your words of appreciation. I really want to do my best for those God sends to my path. May God continuously bless you; and may your light always shine!

    • It could be. You cannot only read if you know you are called to do some other thing. Someone may be called to stop reading and write something; another may be called to stop writing and do some reading. We must not stay on the same spot or do nothing while time flies.

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