My heart is heavy-laden with love

DSC_0000144My heart is heavy-laden
With love for you, my love!
It is weighing heavier than ever before
Because it’s full of love for you;
It’s weighing so heavy
It’s hard for me to carry.
See how I press my hand on it!
It’s overflowing with love for you.
Don’t you see love spilling over?
It’s all the love I have for you.
You can see it flowing all over the place.
That’s all for you and no one else.
What do you say my love?
What do you say for all this love flowing for you?
Talk to me!
Tell me you love me dearly too
Just as I love you.
It doesn’t cost you anything;
But means a lot to me;
Those tender words of love from your lips
Are what my heart most needs right away.
Say them to me!
Tell me! Shake your lips!
Whisper them to my ears
And quench this fire of love
That is burning fiercely
In my heart for you!
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