What a world of lies!

Let's stop telling liesWhat a world of liars and lies!
On the political arena,
Politicians lie.
In the courts,
Magistrates and lawyers lie,
Accused, defendants and witnesses lie.
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies!
In the media world,
Media men and women lie;
In the school milieu
Administrators, teachers and students lie;
In homes,
Parents and children lie;
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies
In the business world,
Business men and women lie,
Consumers lie;
In the Church of all,
Church leaders and their followers lie.
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies!
In marriage,
Husbands lie and wives lie;
In love,
Sweet hearts lie;
Who then is free of lies?
Is it the whole world that lies?
How can we make ours a world of liars and lies?
What a world of lies, indeed!


17 thoughts on “What a world of lies!

  1. Ironically, most of them who tell likes excel at the detriment of those who uphold the truth. I know and am confident God will expose them one day, no matter how long the lying race may seem to be.

  2. Indeed, people tell more lies everyday to justify more liesp; thus the chain continues. O! God save our world from the hands of lies and liars.

  3. Some people have taken lies telling as part and parcel of them. Thank God we still have some holy people, else the world would have been long destroyed. Lies telling can bring war or even pull a mountain down. Thanks for bringing the society to consciousness.

  4. I understand how you feel, my thoughts have been much the same lately. I seem to notice the lies more, or is it that no one even bothers to hide their lies anymore. I am concluding that I believe nothing unless I see it with my own eyes or heart.

  5. Reminds me of this.

    Everything I SAY is a Lie. Now say I love you.

    So did I hate you? But if everything I say is a lie then is it love or hate?

    That said, personally I think you are a good man by the work you do. But wait, forget the line above.

  6. Hello Ngobesing Suh Romanus, my guiding principle (which is in several of the major religions) is to behave towards others as I would hope they behaved towards me. Best regards, Phil

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