The young shall grow

IMG_20141226_135843IMG_20141223_143758The young shall grow.
Who can say the young
Shall not grow?
Who does not like the young to grow?
Who can block the young from growing?
No one can do.
Whether from poor or from rich homes,
The young shall grow.
None must attempt to block a young one
From growing.
Let us give all the young
A chance to grow.
Let us support the young
To grow.PhotoGrid_1419263202376


15 thoughts on “The young shall grow

  1. Also thank you for caring for the youth, you are a beautiful person. Here is a quote from an actress(meryl streep) i hear yesterday ” children sometimes grow in world that is uncertain, wondering what the future will hold for them.” And its true, but people like you who tell the youth they can achieve is a certainty they will. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your lovely words. I am certain about the possibilities of youth who are determined and work hard. I see them do marvels everyday. Many parents do their best to give their children the best education. Like me, my children have all gone to the best schools in my country. I do not see how they will not shine unless they decide to dash their chances to the rocks which I don’t expect. Truly the young must grow.

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