Such is life

With so many dreams,
Our lives
Some of them lofty dreams
Like thinking the universe,
We would conquer in adulthood;
But somewhere along the line,
Some of our dreams simply evaporate;
But at the same time,
New ones we conceive;
And, afresh,
We begin to pursue.

Same  scenario for the friends we make.
With a  few friends
We start off our lives;
But somewhere along the line,
Some of them slip off;
And we have, without them,
To move on;
And, as we do,

New friends

We make.

Such is live.

Are there some friends you had that you no longer have? What happened?

14 thoughts on “Such is life

  1. Yeah I had some but materialism and long distance drifted them apart making me believe friends are worst enemies but later I found the last long friends devoid of such shit 🙂

  2. A lovely poem makes you question the quality and reasons for the friends you have. True friendship runs deep and will stand the test of time…no matter what you do…it has Unconditional love for a foundation. Other ‘friends’ come and go , in and out of your life…and that is fine also. You will have connected with them for however long was necessary…something was learnt and shared amongst you, and when the lesson has been learnt, or not, we move on in our journey of life…new people, new lessons, give and take…

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