Decisions and your life

krIMG_0375Your life is determined by the decisions that you take. You take hundreds if not thousands of decisions everyday. Some of them are small and some are big. These decisions combine to shape your life positively or negatively.Whether you succeed or fail depends on the decisions you take.

It is thus very important that you take measures to take decisions that will bring good rather than evil. Take decisions that will bring success rather than failure.

Do you have any advice on decision-taking?

My advice is:

  1. prudence in decision-taking. It is important to go about it prudently.
  2. Look at all the sides of the issue before you take your decision.
  3. Think of all the implications of the decisions you are taking.
  4. Look ahead.
  5. Bring God in. This means praying hard for God’s guidance so that you may take the best decision possible.cropped-1351.jpg

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