What are you destined to become?

IMG_0174Picture 057Do you believe that God has already determined your destiny and there is nothing you can do about it?

One school of thought holds that everyone’s destiny is determined by God at conception; and no matter what we do we cannot change it.

Another school of thought says every one is the architect of their own destiny; and we must work hard to become what we like to become.

These two conflicting positions leave millions of people in  confusion.. Must we work to become what we desire? If we fold our arms will God do it for us?IMG_0170

14 thoughts on “What are you destined to become?

  1. Both and Balance are words that come to mind. We must firstly know ourselves…and whatever we do in life we must be true to ourselves…not what other people/ society expect of us. Once we are focused and responding to this world in a way in which we were destined to, God will provide the right means and circumstances for it all to happen. They will not always necessarily appear ‘good’. Sometimes they may seem ‘bad’…but God is working His purpose out and we must keep our end of the bargain! Trust in God and be true to ourselves.

  2. I think perhaps, because of free will, we have the choice to work hard, to seek our destiny, and when we find it, to realise it (to choose the path laid out for us, despite the challenges it holds) or we can choose to ignore it, turn back, or never bother looking – and in that case we don’t get our destiny, neither what we want nor what was planned. In the end, I think we want what is planned, the question is do we look for it, and once we find it, do we continue?

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