Your last day in this world

IMG_0182Does your final moment seem to be at the corner?
Are you likely soon to answer the final call?
That final moment
Your candle light
Will blow off;
And who shall do it?
The Super-being whom we call God,
There is nothing you or anyone else can do
To stop that happening
For His duty He must do.

Think for a while friend of that final moment,
When everything in you must come to a standstill;
When a final full stop you must put to the novel
That you have been writing every single day of your life;
Are you worried about that day?
Is fear that which so much gnaws your heart?
What silent thoughts roll up and down your mind?

As I peep in your heart to see how you feel about that day
When your eyes shall, forever close,
I see worry, fear, and courage,
All battling for a choice place in your heart;

When I close my eyes to see what will happen on that day,
I can see a crowd gathered with people wailing out their lungs;
Wishing it had not happened;
What else can they do?
They can only
Wail out their sorrow;
For anything that cannot be changed,
Cannot be changed;
That final moment, no one can change;
No one can stop.
It’s beyond our powers or control.


Is this all about life?
What’s life all about?
Is it for you and me to throttle briefly through the stage?
And off we go?
Isn’t it right for everyone to know
If they shall be missed when they are gone?
Who shall miss me when I am gone?
How many people shall miss me?
Shall I be remembered when I am gone?
Who shall remember me?
How many people shall remember me?
What legacy shall I leave when I am gone?
Yes, what legacy?
As I ponder on this,
I see the need to take a responsible decision
To do something so that future generations may know
I also passed this way.
Otherwise, why did I pass this way?IMG_0177

2 thoughts on “Your last day in this world

  1. As I read through your last day in this world, I can only imagine. We can find comfort in the fact that when we pass on all is not lost if we believe that Jesus Christ will call all men to Himself. Good or bad one will be remembered in that context. After three days good or bad will mean nothing even to our loved ones. To do something responsible, towards keeping back a legacy is sure the course of action. Something is better than nothing.

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