You can achieve it

krHave you ever abandoned a goal that you set for yourself?

If yes, why did you?  You definitely considered it too big for you to achieve. Did you not realize later on that it was actually achievable; that had you not abandoned it you would have achieved it?

I have.

Many people have.

Many more people will.

People abandon certain goals because they consider them unachievable whereas they are achievable.

We allow fear, doubt and discouragement to take hold of us easily and make us abandon goals that we should not abandon.DSCN8534

no dream is too bigYou have no reason to fear a goal or become discouraged just because some obstacles stand on your way.

No goal is too big for you as long as you can conceive and believe it. Napoleon Hill holds this strongly in Think and Grow Rich:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

If your heart desires something strongly, you can achieve it if you actually set it as a goal for yourself, and never feel discouraged about it; and never abandon it.

You can achieve it.

Keep after it until you achieve it. How far off it may appear to be matters very little. Keep going for it. One day you will achieve it.Be the architect of yoir destiny

Hear Napoleon Hill again in Think and Grow Rich: “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct, control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

That goal which you secretly desire but fear or doubt your ability to achieve is achievable.

You can achieve it.

Go for it; and never give up until you have achieved it.IMG_0170


8 thoughts on “You can achieve it

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  2. It is not so much about what ‘we’, our ego wants…but about putting others, our neighbour before ourselves. Jesus said the birds of the air, the lilies of the field do not worry, and all their needs are looked after. That amazing word TRUST in God, once more…!

  3. what if you set a goal and your never achieve it.No matter how you try u never meet up.could it be that u set for urself a wrong goal that is difficult to achieve? i will not want to achieve my dreams at a dying age.

    • Your question is a very good one, Carlson. It is possible that you can do everything to achieve a goal you desire but still do not achieve it. In that case, it is clear that God has a better plan for you. Are we not told that man proposes and God disposes? What use is it achieving a goal that can turn to harm us? Indeed, there are certain goals we desire with all our heart and feel we would die if we do not achieve them. We work very hard and achieve them but they end up causing us harm. Example: you may want to buy a certain beautiful car and you do everything to buy it but it becomes impossible and you insist and finally you get it; but unfortunately you run into an accident in it and die. Now you would have understood when you were finding it difficult to achieve your goal that God did not want you to get that car because it was not good for you. While we pursue our goals we should not do it on our own. We should journey with God; listen to Him; and be ready to do what He tells us to do.

  4. I secon this motion”No dream is too big to come true for you”what one can conceive and believe one can acheive.The fear of taking risk may actually be what is stopping most of us from acheiving our dreams if we can brave the risk then we can rise to the top.

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