Is the Press building or destroying?

IMG_0375SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWorld Press Freedom Day is on the 3rd of May every year.

How free is the Press?

Is the Press free? How does the Press use the powers in its hands?

More important question: is the Press building or destroying the world?

What is your appreciation of what the Press is doing in your country and in the world?IMG_0372

10 thoughts on “Is the Press building or destroying?

  1. We have to tread carefully through what the Press prints. People all over the world have fought long and hard for Freedom of Speech…we must always value that if we are fortunate enough to live in a place where we have it…but…on the other hand, humans being humans, only one angle of the whole big picture is often reported and we are not given clarity of facts or reporting that is just. For whatever reason? These days I listen less and less to the news, of which so much is negative and not helpful on this spiritual path.

  2. Happy press Day to the manager of radio evangelium ,DR Ngobesing SUh Romanus and the entire staff.

  3. I am in USA and the TV news and the newspaper news keep me informed. The freedom of the press is a valuable check on government concentrating power in the hands of a few, protects us from lies of politicians, and helps us make sensible choices especially in elections. On the other hand we are often frustrated because we may be limited as individuals to change bad things.

    • Very valuable comment. I like to know what you think about negativity in the news. Does it reinforce negativity in the human mind? And is that dangerous for the society? Your thoughts shall be most valued.

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