We are suffering? What solution?

Since the creation of the universe, humanity has been laboring in vain to get solutions to the problems of the world. Huge sums of money have been spent in wars, conferences and talks. Yet, we are far from the needed solutions.

Is there any hope that things will change some day? That we will live in a peaceful world, void of conflict, war,  unemployment, poverty, illnesses, and all types of suffering? Shall there come a day when everybody shall enjoy a fair share of the world’s resources?

That, undoubtedly, will take a long time to come.

It seems that the more we spend time, money and energy searching for the solutions to the world’s problems, the more they increase. Hence, today we are overwhelmed. We are rocked by all types of conflicts, wars, poverty, hunger, unemployment, illness and other forms of human suffering; which continue to drain the world’s resources.

The irony is that what we are looking for does not require all the financial resources we are You make us proud, my girl!pumping in. Many of the things we are doing at the moment in the name of seeking solutions to the world’s problems are a mere waste of scarce resources.

There is only one solution to the problems of the world; and it is free. If we can find it, we’ll have an end to all that makes the world so hard to live in; so unjust; and so full of suffering.  That solution is proposed to the world every day, but who pays heed? We turn our backs on it and keep looking for solutions where they cannot be found.

Jesus Christ gave us that solution some two thousand years ago. He continues to tell us today. It has been echoed and re-echoed. Can you guess what it is?


The day the world shall find love is the day that conflict shall end in the world; war shall end; poverty, hunger, and all forms of human suffering shall, either end, or shall drastically reduce; and the world shall become an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.IMG_0165


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