Life can be difficult

How life can be difficult!

Lots of struggles every day;

Yet, no light

At the end of the tunnel;

All things looking bleak

All the times.

And then your spirits are low.

Have you had this experience?

How do you handle it?


Did you want to give up?

That’s not what you must do

When such moments come.

You must be strong;

And keep your spirits high.

The tides must come

And the tides must go.

The highs must come

And the lows as well.

When the highs come,

You must expect

The lows to follow.

4 thoughts on “Life can be difficult

  1. This world is a world of Duality…opposites, so called good and bad…it is not that something is ever good or bad as such…but our reaction to it and how we view it from where we are at this present moment on our life journey. We have to make our life choices carefully, not dive head first when our minds are spinning with agitation. To be able to view all highs and all lows from that solid foundation of calm and peace would be wonderful…but oh so difficult to achieve, certainly in our Western society where everyone is so busy and so caught up…

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