How to get more visitors to your site Tip 2

In my search for tips to help you draw more visitors to your site, I found the post: by Jayson DeMers. Jayson is a Forbes contributor.  His post is a great one; viewed 241,495 times. I waste no time to recommend it to you. Jayson does not end there. He has another inspiring and edifying post: You will not regret reading and exploiting it as well. One strategy which has caught my attention has to do with quality headlines. Jayson advises that you work on your headlines and you will get more people visiting your site. I agree. When you pick up a newspaper or magazine, the articles with catchy headlines catch your attention more. The readers should see from your headline that they stand to gain by reading your post. I thank Jayson DeMers for sharing this post which has definitely helped many people and will help more. It is my prayer that you find time to exploit this rich gift and draw more readers to your site.

13 thoughts on “How to get more visitors to your site Tip 2

  1. If your site has interesting issues that addresses the kind of things which people identify with. I mean people of all ages and all sexes.

    • You are right Maggi. Quality posts are very important; and then of course, you have to think of other strategies. This is so because many people have very good stuff on their sites but no body ever visits them. It’s like writing a very interesting and useful book which ends on the book shelves.

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