Know when to stop

You persist when you are pursuing a cause and encounter difficulties.We advise that you keep on keeping on; that you never give up since “The winner never quits and the quitter never wins.”

This is good. Persistence has taken more people to success than one can imagine. Many people fail to realize their dreams because they give up. The great achievers of the world are those who usually keep following their cause until they get what they want.

Thus, the importance of persistence cannot be over-emphasized. Yet, you must also know when to quit.

Persist only when you have to persist; and stop when you must stop.  If you keep running when you should stop, you may hit your head on a rock.

Are we not told that there is a time for everything? There is a time to start and a time to end; a time to persist and a time to quit. If you keep speeding when there is a rock ahead, you will crash into it.

If in life you find that what you want to do cannot be done, stop it.

If the course you have taken will not take you to where you want to go, change it.

If along the way you are convinced that the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is not the right person for you, put and end to the relationship.

Only a fool will keep pursuing a cause which is obvious would end in a disaster.

Be wise.


Also be wise!

Know when to stop;

And stop  there.


14 thoughts on “Know when to stop

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  2. thank you please post more like this we need a rock to hit our head sometimes to put sense but it doesn’t mean like that sometimes people like to poop on peoples head to get what they want . Sometimes post is just a post. I have lot’s of them in my diary that needs posting. lol

      • I really have lots to write I just improvised others so ideas just adds up and eventually piled up but I’m intended to write about mental illness it’s so hard to adapt to changes like night and darkness right so I’m recuperating slowly it’s hard to adjust. I’m too positive the reason writing about darkness pain and miseries wanting to soak it to my system. I’ve been there and my brain just try to forget naturally maybe, because of trauma it’s like that your mind simply forget the pain because the psychological effect I gather onto my system was so great.

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