My dream has come true

My dream

Has come true.

Come celebrate with me.

My heart is full of joy.

My dream has come true.

I can’t believe it but it is true.

My dream has come true.

Can you see the joy in my heart?

My heart is almost bursting with joy.

My dream has truly come true.

It looked too big to ever come true.

 Now it has come true.

My heart is singing and dancing with joy.

Come sing with me.

Shall you sing and dance with me?

Shall we celebrate this miracle that has occurred in my life?

My God is wide awake;

Taking care while I sleep;

That is why my dream has come true

I never knew it would ever do.

Come celebrate with me.

Come laugh with me.

Come let’s laugh from jaw to jaw

For my dream has come true

And tears of joy are pouring from my eyes.

There is no way I cannot celebrate.

I have never been happier in my life

Thank God

My dream has come true.

Everything in my life has changed

God is alive

God lives

My dream has come true.


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