What makes me so sure.

You can be rich.

You can be very rich.

You can be successful.

You can be very successful.

What makes me so sure?

I have studied the lives of many rich and super rich.

I have studied the lives of some of the most successful people on earth.

Many of them were worse than you are. 

Many of them had more setbacks than you have.

Yet, they overcame them to become what they are today.

If they could,

Why can’t you?

Indeed, you too can.

You can be rich.

You can be super rich.

You can become great.

All it takes is to decide what you want.

Find out what it takes.

And go after it with all your heart and mind,

Never accepting to be discouraged;

Persisting when difficult moments come;

Making God your partner in the pursuit of your goal.


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