You could have been wiser?

You ask:

“How could I have known

You  would be such a terrible husband?

How could I have known

you would be such a drunk?

Such an irresponsible husband?

Such a wife-hitter?”

You make me laugh.

How could you not have known?

Where did you keep your eyes?

Where did you keep your head?

Where did you keep your thinking cap?

You could have been wiser.

You did not have to be too believing.


When it comes to making a choice

For marriage,

You do not have to be too believing;

You must learn to discern;

To look beyond the surface.

Not everyone who says ‘I love you’

Really does.

Do not be too blinded by what you see as love

To see

The warning signs which are always there.

Did you turn to God to guide you?

He will always do.

I answer your question then

To say:

You could have been wiser.

Let no one dupe you.

Let no one take you for a ride.

Pay heed to the warning signs;

And you will not say

Had I known.


4 thoughts on “You could have been wiser?

  1. Heeding the warning signs…great advice for a multitude of applications. I’m not always good at that and can miss visual clues but pick up other signs other people don’t see.

  2. This is brilliant.. I think there are many women who does this mistake of blindly believing everything before marriage and then grumble.. Your answer is crisp and crystal clear.

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