Tne real secret of riches

DSCN0479Who does not want to be rich? What is the real secret of riches. You will often hear a lot of negative things said about riches; but the truth is riches are worthwhile. Riches can be good. It all depends, of course, on how we get our riches and what use we make of them.

Ill-gotten riches are not good. Also riches that are not used for good are not good.

If there is any way you know to earn riches honestly and use them for good purposes, be as rich as you can.With riches you can do a lot of good in the world. There are billions of people who are suffering and dying because of poverty. With riches you will not lack people to help.

What is the secret of riches?wait for meYou have to want to be rich enough if you want to be rich. If you do, you will be able to do the other things that are necessary for you to be rich. In other words, if you want to be rich enough, you will find yourself searching for ways to be rich; and if you search enough, you will find.


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