Do women blog more than men?

On a daily basis, I get more women on my site than men. As I browse through the net, I meet more women than men.

I do not wish to draw any hasty conclusion on this because I have not done a scientific study; but already I am tempted to think that more women are on the net than men. Perhaps this may actually be specific with inspirational blogging which is what I do.

What is your observation?

If you have come across a study on this, what are he findings?

Who are on the net more: men or women?

33 thoughts on “Do women blog more than men?

  1. I’d say, it’s pretty even between men and women, but women do comment more when they relate to the topic at hand on the blog post. Have you considered if more bloggers are introverts versus extroverts? Let me know if you’ve written about that comparison!

  2. My own experience *seems* to indicate a fairly balanced presence of females and males online, and I would even tend to say so across categories: home, inspirational, photography, food, travel, religion, writing, politics, gardening, linguistics, poetry, and so forth. My fashion-blogging correspondents (clothing, cosmetics, and the like) are far and away more female, but I don’t correspond with a large number of fashion bloggers, so my view is of course constrained by the types of blogs *I* prefer reading. It’s certainly an interesting question! 🙂

  3. I say mainly more women than man, but that is a rough estimate. I deal a lot with mental illness and men are not as open. But I do have plenty of men read my blogs.

  4. Ah, I was generalising when I mentioned sitting on the fence…and I see you have picked up the topic and posted thoughts around it. Well done my friend, you are a man of action. I do not sit on any fence but do try it be true to myself and pursue the things that I am passionate about…pianist, church organist, and I am often asked to help out, stand in, in churches other than the one where I play officially, painter, gardener, wife, mother, to name but a few…like you, I am busy and I know how that feels. Without hard work and dedication you will not achieve much. You do many inspirational things and I wish you many blessings on your journey and every success as the anniversary of your Blog approaches. The CD sounds amazing and awesome that it is selling so well.

    • Lovely words of encouragement, Krys. You are doing great. May God continue to grant you the energy, courage and wisdom to do more for him through service to his people. You will see that I published that post much earlier. Actually the idea of sitting on the fence came much earlier when Yoshiko said she had no opinion to give on the topic of women and men on the net. I responded by telling her she was sitting on the fence and promised to write a post on sitting on the fence. Shortly after that you mentioned it again. I actually thought you were referring to what I had said in the post. It’s interesting that many people seem to like it; and I appreciate it. I pray that your light keeps shining through your work.

  5. So many interesting questions arising here…I am very very new to this Blogging phenomena! And I notice that it takes up a good chunk of your time, therefore I think the point about how much ‘spare’ time you have is very valid. Who has more time, men or women? For what reasons do you Blog? Does your Blogging fulfil a deep seated need? Ngobesing, you have just taken the lid off a big question! Probably, at the end of the day, it will be fairly equal as men have their interests, women have theirs, each one drawn to a particular subject…good ground for a study and great idea for a poem…sitting on the fence!

    • You are not on the fence at all Krys. Your position is very clear to me. The reflection is on-going. As for my blogging, I am trying to catch up. I am less than a year in blogging – 9 months. I believe I have so much to share and need to work very hard to share some % of it. Of course, I have my radio programs that I run; I spend time with my family; we are the leader couple for Marriage Encounter where I live; I have my church activities to do. I have just released a CD of 50 of my reflections that is selling like hot cakes here. I am just working very hard. No one gets to the top with their hands in their pockets. The top is my target. Don’t say I am too ambitious because there are people there. Rather we should both be marching there, Ha! ha!

  6. I think I go with your observation. Even I have noticed presence of more women on virtual abodes than men. Reason being, may be, men are a lot more busier as compared to women on an average basis. This is not a general criterion.

  7. I haven’t done a study on whether women or men blog more. I do find more women on the Internet during the daytime, while men tend to blog more in late afternoon or evening. It may be due to work environment as such.

  8. I believe any result on this study will answer another question, which is: Who has more time to blog – women or men? Blogging takes up lots of time, so I think your question has more social research value than you realize.

  9. No study, but I tend to agree, but the blogs I am following are dealing more with art, fashion, photography and some ‘sociologic’ content, photography may be the one where man are more present, but again it is from my ‘small’ sample of blogs I do follow.

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