Startling success awaits you

IMG_0170Have you realized that sometimes things appear to be going wrong when they are actually going right; and in the end will be right?

You may write an exam and believe you will fail but in the end you will make it with flying colors. You may start a business and everything will seem against you but in the end it will boom. Sometimes you see somebody and don’t like at the start but in the end you become inseparable friends.

Life can be tricky. The negative indications you find on your way as you go after your dream should not discourage you when you know the dream is the right one for you.

Keep going.

Let nothing discourage you no matter how badly things may go. Courageously and confidently forge on. You will be surprised by the startling success that awaits you.IMG_0165

4 thoughts on “Startling success awaits you

  1. I think this is apropreitly simple and is a concept that surprised me before. There have been plenty of times where I felt discouraged and that what I was doing was a mistake. Something lingers inside me at these times and in my debate to give up and move on I realize that maybe I have just not done it enough. Then sometimes that extra push pays off. Sometimes you have to just work through it until there is a final result, even if you like your failing.

  2. I echo your words to all youth!
    I had a shaky start as a teen, but grew to realize a wonderful life and career.
    Cheers to all young people! They are the future.

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