Set your child for the top


What are you planting

In your child?

Are you planting good or evil?

Are you planting sunshine or darkness?

The desire to get to the top

or the desire to remain at the bottom?

The love of work;

Or the dislike of work?

A  positive attitude;

Or a negative attitude;


Or lack of self-confidence;

High self-esteem,

Or low self-esteem?

You must be careful what you plant

In your child;

Plant courage;

Not cowardice.

Plant the ability to persist;

Not the ability to give up;

Plant faith;

Not fear.

Plant peace,

Not war;

Do not toy with what you plant

In your child.

For what you plant

In your child matters.

It can make

And it can mar.

Choose carefully what you plant

In your child;

What you plant,

That shall you

Also reap.

11 thoughts on “Set your child for the top

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  2. Children are a great gift from God and so we should treat them with love but remember we should not spoiled them in the name of caring for them too much but let them know the pain of life as human. let teach them what is good as they are young so that they will not be thought else where the bad.

  3. Young children are like sponges…delicate and they soak EVERYTHING in…whatever comes along. The bad as well as good that they witness around them. So important to nurture them like a precious delicate young seedling and provide the right growing conditions. Lovely poem.

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