Shall we ever meet again?


To each other we say

good bye,

My heart by fear is rocked;

And painful tears down my eyes


 I just cannot hold

A single one of them;

Shall we ever again meet?

That’s the question that wets my eyes.

I know not what the future holds for us.

Shall you ever come back to me?

It’s so hard to let you go;

Though I know

It’s destiny that calls you away.

 These tears just keep rolling down my cheeks

Like a spring on a hillside;

Although, I know for your good you go;

That it’s God’s plan for you;

A plan that’s beautiful in his eyes;

Yet, it’s so hard to let you go.

And to start to live a new life again;

A life that’ll be without you.

But as I know the Lord will stand by you,

This stream of tears I’m trying to let go;

And have the hope

That soon again we’ll meet;

That only the best

Will come your


That the best for us is

Still ahead.

5 thoughts on “Shall we ever meet again?

  1. this poem remains me of the first day i when into secondary school and my mum came to allowed me and when she was about going, its like i will never see her any more and treas started running down my eyes. Is it hard to miss some one so special to you. thanks Dr

  2. This is so poignant and moving. My daughter leaves to go down to London tomorrow, to begin a new life there, new job, new everything…your poem is timed just right to express how I feel. I will have a heavy, heavy heart tomorrow. Your poem expresses how I feel…

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