A lovely Lady Pink Rose (Petals unfolding)

What an embrace of love!
Amy Sitting On Rock At Lake EriePetals Unfolding;
Have you stopped by to smell the flowers?
A lovely place hardly tongue can tell;
Garden as sweet as she that gave it life;
A lady with a heart of gold;
So full of love and care;
Her Lady Pink Rose!
How amazing, indeed you are!
Awesome Petals Unfolding;
Where hearts whisper;
Poetry rolls
And inspiration like a spring endlessly flows.
Ashes into delight transformed.
Open this door:


And in a world of beauty and love
You shall find yourself.
Bravo, lovely Lady Pink Rose.
You are love;
May your light forever shine!


9 thoughts on “A lovely Lady Pink Rose (Petals unfolding)

  1. Touching, moving, inspirational and I am in tears just reading such beautiful poetry and all the heartfelt comments that followed. Good day Lady Pink Rose…and what a stunning beautiful tribute has been written…May you and Ngobesing indeed continue to shine as the beautiful souls that you are!

  2. Oh! Dearest friend! I am in tears. I am so touched I honestly don’t know what to say! I am not used to this type of recognition. Your poem is so sweet and so full of Love. How can I ever thank you for this Gift you have given me today? God has worked mightily through you, for He gave much to the giver of Love who created Petals. Thank you SO much, Ngobesinbg! I truly adore you and my Heart is just brimming over with Love for you, for what you have given me this day. I shall not ever forget this. I am moved ever so deeply. My Gratitude is complete. With Love, in God, Amy <3

    • I am happy lovely Amy, to add a little to your happiness. I wish I could do something every day for you. You are so special to me. May what you are enjoying in your life now be only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the blessings God has in His store for you!

        • I am also very happy to have you in my life Amy. Your words have the ability to touch my heart and give me a strong sense of self worth. May God continue to bless you and make you ever a blessing to many.

          • With such wonderful strong Light-filled people like you, how can I not be Blessed and continue Blessing others? I do admit, I must step away from all this at times, for my empathic abilities and my way to touch others, is draining. To remain open as I do, I have to monitor myself, and when I do weary, I take a break. I’ve been going strong these past few days, yet, I am seeing signs of weariness on the horizon, which is my sign to relax as much as I can. To think back a mere few short years ago, I would not ever have even dreamed that I would be doing what I am today, in the way I am doing it. I have been guided the entire time, Ngobesing. I am just SO honored that such a great man of God as yourself, I am able to assist to stay strong in this world that many a day does its best to bring us down. You have my unwavering support and Love in your Divine Work. You are such a Blessing. (((HUGS))) Amy <3

            • Thank you Amy. Take a rest when you need it. You are precious to us and we who love you want you forever strong. God will continue to strengthen you; and fill you with the light He wants you to shine on the world. Feel loved dear friend, for indeed, from what I see, many people love you.

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