Do you face this difficulty?

There is a difficulty I face. I cannot find the names of many of my readers.I like to get into a real close relationship with those who sacrifice time to read what I write. I really do not like superficial relationships.I want to be close to people and get them close to me. I want to address them by name. Unfortunately I spent hours sometimes trying to see if I can get some people’s names to no avail.

I do not blame anybody. People have their reasons not to reveal their names; and each one is free. I have the highest respect for that right. I am just expressing a difficulty I face. When I want to include a quote in “Quotable Quotes by Great Contemporary Writers” I spend long hours trying to get the names of those concerned.

If wishes were horses, I would love everybody to put their name in their ‘About Page’. This is just my wish.

Know dear friends that I love to address you by name. If you don’t mind it always let me know your full name.

Is it bad for me to know your name and address you by your name?

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