Tell me what to do.

I have done all I can;
Yet no results do I get.
I have worked hard.
I have fought.
I have persisted.
I have closed my ears
To discouraging messages.
I have not given up.
Yet, here I am
At the end of the road
With no results to show;
Only weary.
I am weary.
My heart is weary.
My mind is weary.
My body is weary.
My spirit is weary.
What do I do?
This is all I want to hear.
Tell me what to do.
Keep on keeping on?
What is it that I still can do?
Please, tell me.
Tel me if you know.
I really want to win.
Tell me what to do.

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    • Stay with me to get what I think at the end. Meanwhile many people are saying a lot of useful things on this page on the subject. Just throw an eye on what others are saying. Thank you.

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