Changes on our site

Hello friends!
As we prepare for the first anniversary of this site, we shall be making many changes to make it more loving, more inspiring and more enjoyable to you. Hope you like them.

Everything we do here has you in mind. Don’t forget your opinion counts; so do not hesitate to make your voice heard on what we do and what you like us to do. We have a new blog title which reflects our aspiration and is more inclusive. We care for all.

I thank Priiya who told me today she would like to see me more on her site. I have just been there and I want to tell you it’s a lovely site. You could also have a look at

I invite you to be as open with me as you can. I believe working together with openness we can do marvels.

I have a lovely post coming up for you. Don’t miss it. I am still expecting to know from you if there is anything you think I should or should not be doing for you. So give me the feedback.

I love you (ILU).

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