Silent enemy within

You have an enemy that’s unseen;
Who makes your success hard to come;
Backwards always he’s there to pull;
Whereas ahead you want to push.
He’s always there to hold you back
So you don’t try at all to dare;
He warns of dangers lying ahead,
Where dangers really don’t exist;
When new paths you’re out to try;
He makes it so that you don’t dare.
Dry of energy he saps you;
And you can’t accomplish
What’s at your reach.
That enemy, for sure, is real;
And is your silent voice

12 thoughts on “Silent enemy within

        • Hello Krys. Let me use this moment to thank you for your love. When I went through the stats of my blog I realized you are among the most present. I cannot thank you enough. I pray for the gift to reciprocate this great demonstration of love.

          • My dear friend, you are most welcome and the work you do for these young folk and the radio station and marriage guidance as well as family…is tremendously inspiring. You have already thanked me most generously and please worry not in your busy schedule… If now and then you pop into my Blog that is good…and if not, that is good also! I am not posting so much these days as my husband and I are out whenever the weather is dry…gardening for other folk, quite tiring and can be hard physical work…and as the work is seasonal, we have to try and make enough now to see us through the Winter months. But I will keep reading all your inspiring Blogs, God Bless you and the awesome work that you do, my friend. : >)

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