Let’s sit and talk

What is wrong with us
My love?
What is wrong with us
That we cannot fix?
Our love is on the rocks;
And yet we fold our arms
And watch it go
From bad to worse.
What makes it hard, my love,
To sit and talk?
And let it be known
That what God has put together,
No one can put asunder.
Let’s sit and talk;
And share our love;
And our worries and fears.
Let’s sit and talk;
And put our love
Back on the


6 thoughts on “Let’s sit and talk

  1. Often our ego gets in the way…we feel we have to be right, always have the last word, etc etc. sometimes there is a need to be more humble, to actually listen properly and wholeheartedly to what our friend/ spouse is saying. Many a time the busy-ness of life gets in the way…lovely, my friend.

  2. I see much passion in this poem. Yes, God wants us to work things out and save our marriage and other relationships in our life. God wants one man for one wife. We have recently had many lesson on this subject at Church, especially aimed at the younger members of the congregation.

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