Sharpen your creative ability

Are there enough opportunities around you for a decent job to enable you live a decent life?

There is a lot of cry the world over about the lack of opportunities for decent work to enable people live with dignity. Hence, many people live wasted lives, far below the poverty level.

Of course, while they complain thus, there are others who are doing extremely well, going from job to job, having one opportunity after another and even having a difficult time choosing from the various opportunities available to them.

One reason for this is individual creative ability; making the most of one’s talent. Having eyes that see and a mind that easily knows where opportunities lie.

Cultivating or sharpening your creative ability is important.

One great mind has advised that if you do not find opportunities around you to do what you like to do, create one for yourself. Many people do this. Others sit and wait and complain.

What of you?

Do you have the type of job you like and enjoy doing? If you do, well and fine. If you don’t, this question comes to you: what are you doing to create a good opportunity for yourself?

Take measures to sharpen you creative ability. You need it to make it in this world.

13 thoughts on “Sharpen your creative ability

  1. Found it. My friends and I have been trying to create the opportunity but lack of the experiences. Please pray for God’s providence and guidance. Thanks a lot.

    • I will do. To create your opportunity, work as a team. Brainstorm. Put God at the center. This means pray a lot about what you want. After brainstorming take a decision on what to do. Believe that God is with you in that decision. Go ahead and implement that decision with all the confidence that God is with you seeing you through. Make sure you start everything that you are doing about it with a prayer and end with a prayer. Put passion int what you do. Without passion you can only be swimming at the surface of the stream. Be positive. Be positive the way yo relate to each other and the way you see what you are doing. See everything that happens positively. If you meet an obstacle, ask yourselves how you can turn it int a stepping-stone. Be for one another in the group instead of fighting against each other. Do not stop or give up until God has seen you through. Please let me know if you need any encouragement from me. May God create a great opportunity for you!

  2. I have pondered this very question for years. Procrastination and self doubt have stopped me from grasping my dream job for a long while now. You’re right! I need to go for it 🙂
    Thank you I needed this xo

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