True or false?

Which of these are true and which is not?

  • To say ‘yes’ to God is a wise thing to do;
  • It is in your best interest to obey God;
  • When you submit yourself to God He is pleased with you;
  • If you are wise you will put aside your plans in favor of God’s plan for your life
  • On your own many things will be difficult but with God all things are possible.
  • Nothing is impossible with God;
  • God has a plan for you.
  • Mary the Mother of Jesus is the greatest woman whoever lived
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    1. All true. He has the best in mind for all who have the faith to follow Him, to trust Him. The question is how many of us will? We must completely follow Him. How often do we stop ourselves from fully giving our lives over to Him? How many times do we question if it is really Him and so we do nothing? Is the reason we do that simply because we are more afraid of walking away from the material things we currently have? Do we really trust more in our jobs, in our homes, in the familiar? Ok, maybe I am asking myself these things.

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    3. Do Christians want to believe the Divine Creator is a God Who does not tell lies and want to take His Words as infallible?

      all people who want to love the Only One True God do have to know, as you say, that iIt is in their best interest to obey God and therefore should follow His Holy Words given to mankind with the Holy Scriptures.. We should take the Words for what they say and believe them.

      Sadly we still see many Christians preferring to adhere human doctrines, like the one of the false teaching of the Holy Trinity, instead of submit themselves to God and pleasing Him by following and believing His Words.

      • Hello Belgian Bible students! Thanks for your comment. I respect your views. Permit me to air some of mine. What I have understood about life is it is too deep for anyone to fully understand it. Therefore, while we must give room for new knowledge, we must put our trust in revelation as handed down to us. This we also call the Deposit of Faith. God did not abandon us on our own. He revealed himself to us and that revelation must be passed down from generation to generation. Before the reformation, we all had and followed the same Deposit of Faith. Then just as our first parents were deceived to doubt, and consumed by ambition they wanted to be like God and fell from grace, some among us starting doubting and questioning; and wanted to become more powerful in their relationship with God; so they decided to go their way and brought a split within the ranks of the followers of Christ which has only been growing bigger and bigger. While the disobedience and ambition of our first parents brought original sin accompanied by death, suffering and evil in the world, the disobedience and ambition of one of our early Church leaders brought division into the House of God. This is why we have all these arguments coming up. What should concern us now is not what A is doing wrong or B is doing wrong but how we followers of the same Lord and master can one day reunite and be one as the apostles were when the Holy Spirit came down on them and empowered them to take the message to the ends of the earth.

        • Shalom,
          We do agree there are many ways to come to Christ and to come to God. We also consider that there are many religious groups or churches which could all be one or an other step on the ladder to the Kingdom of God. All those who want to follow rabbi Jesus should follow his teachings and love those who want to follow other ways. But very important is also that all people who are willing to be a Christian should feel united in Christ as Christ is united with his heavenly Father. They all should feel like brothers and sisters, united in Christ, all being part of the Body of Christ, aiming for the same goal, to please the Most High god of gods, and doing their best to be able to enter the Kingdom of God.

          God bless.

    4. All true especially those that suggest we pray for God’s will so we are tools of his will and then learn to surrender and subordinate our will to his. I don’t think this means to completely dissolve our will and let it evaporate but that we try to be in harmony. That is for Christianity and Eastern religions as well.

    5. To me personally, all of these are false. I am not religious so these don’t sound realistic.
      I believe that each one of us should just try to be a good person. Some of us do it while being believers in God, while others,like myself, do it without it. 🙂

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