Forgive me, my love!

Are you still so angry
With me, my love?
Haven’t you found space
In your lovely heart to forgive me?
I see you are still deeply hurt.
When shall you forgive and forget?
I do admit, over the years,
I have often deeply hurt you;
It’s now I know the damage I caused;
Many times
I failed to chew my words
Before uttering them to you;
Instead, I carelessly let them out;
And often you went to bed deeply hurt;
I pierced your heart and never cared;
I do regret my thoughtless acts, my love;
I am sorry that so often
I did you wrong;
Tell me you’ve forgiven me;
Let a lovely smile appear
Once again on your face;
And put a smile on mine as well.
Let our love begin to
Bloom again, my love.
Forgive me!
Forgive and forget!

19 thoughts on “Forgive me, my love!

  1. This is touching and so true. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but at the time how often do we just open our mouths and out come words carrying hurt and needless judgement…yes, as we get older perhaps we learn to put resentment down quicker…we do not carry it around with us. Just read a quote on another Blog…We are here to be real not to be perfect…early on in my blog I wrote a poem called Words talking about the dangers of using words without awareness…thanks my friend this is a lovely poem…and this us just how life is…we hurt others, usually unintentionally…well said! To carry resentment around with us just weighs us down…..Always forgive…

        • With Love to Krys
          Krys is off to do her gardening.
          It’s a lovely garden she has;
          That will make you smile
          As Krys herself does;
          Some pictures of her garden
          She’ll put on her site;
          That her friends like me may enjoy
          The beautiful work of her lovely hands;
          Have a great day, lovely Krys;
          As the tender plants you tender;
          When you come home
          At the end of a busy day exhausted,
          You shall have many waiting for you
          With love;
          Among them many loving friends
          Thousands of kilometers away from you;
          That you may never meet face-to-face
          But who so dearly love you;
          Have a great day loving, lovely friend!

          • When I opened this up yesterday I was indeed taken by surprise and a big smile crept across my face and my heart welled up with gratitude and much surprise! I am speechless and lost for words at your kind and lovely tribute…how very very kind…all I can say is a huge thank you and God Bless you and all your family and friends. May He continue to inspire you in the amazing work you do! And thank you I did have a great day…the sun shone all day and my husband And I managed to get lots of gardening done in our work. Thank you all you loving friends from around the world, all those miles away…and to you my friend , Ngobesing for your very beautiful words. I was quite floored! by them…..take good care and wishing you the Peace and Joy of Sunday Blessings, today. : >)

            • I can use just one word to describe your words EUPHONIOUS. Thank you for liking the poem. I really want to give you something that you would like. Have a great day and pass on my love to your family.

              • My smile has got even bigger, my friend! Now that is a new word to me…what another lovely gift!. Yes…your poem was very very much liked…and yes it’s been a good day of praise, worship and fellowship at Church and then a rest day. After such a sunny day yesterday, today we have cold wind and rainy showers…the usual dreich Scottish weather! Your love is indeed passed on. Hoping you also had a good God’s Day! : >)

      • There is much truth and wisdom in your poem…if only more folk were aware of the power of words they might use them a little more carefully. Thank you my friend.

  2. Very nice poem. All of us hurt others and few that do ever apologize. As one gets older there seems to be more peace and harmony in relationships. This is something that takes time for everyone to learn, Ah the lessons of life.

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