The best is still to come

The best for you, my friend,
Is still to come;
Many victories you might have won;
Yet, you haven’t seen the best;
The best is still to come.
What you have done,
What you have achieved,
Is nothing compared to
What is still to come.
The best is still to come.
Get ready for it;
When it comes.

2 thoughts on “The best is still to come

  1. Hello, “Wise One”, I’m so elated to have discovered your inspirational page today. I’ve been missing ” Something Useful” on Radio Evangelium iBamenda for quite some time.But through this medium, I hope to enrich myself with your inspiring messages, although far from home.May our good God richly bless you and your entire family and give you health and strength to continue to educate, motivate,encourage, and inspire people .Thank you for being my “SON” after all!! Lots of love, Maa Adela Abumbi 2

    • Wao! What a beautiful day to have such a beautiful message from a sweet mother like you Queen Mother. You have always been so full of love and sunshine. I am overjoyed that you have found my blog. As you can see it offers me the opportunity to meet lots of sweet beautiful people all over the world; and they spoil me with lovely words of encouragement. Maa, you’ve made my day. May your light shine brightest everyday! Lots of love to you and all around you.

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