What if God calls you?

What will you do if God calls you in a special way to do something for Him or for another or for others? It would be great wouldn’t it? You have no option but to say yes. Those whom God calls to serve Him in a special way are always great.

There is just no one whom God has called and who has answered the call who has not become great. See them in the bible: Mary, Joseph, Paul, Abraham, Moses, etc.

Therefore, if you hear God’silent voice calling you for anything, answer it; and do what He commands you to do.

You will be amazed by what He will do for you.

13 thoughts on “What if God calls you?

  1. He calls many but I think too many do tell Him to hold. When they return to answer He just may not be the there. He will find someone who is desiring to hear His voice and desiring to serve. No matter the capacity. Could simply be a blog or you could be called to do what we see as really big. Big or small to you and me, I believe each is just as important to the King of Kings!

  2. If he does call me, I will say “I will put you on hold. Since I am not done yet with my Chicken Chop.”

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