Most loving one!

Most loving one,

How can I ever thank God enough for you!

When you lie by me

And your body touches mine,

Everything for me becomes different;

When you shift close to me,

And I smell the fragrance of your lovely body,

Everything for me changes;

When I pierce into your eyes,,

And my mind goes back to the day I first set eyes on you,

Everything for me is joy;

When I listen to your silent voice,

And my heartbeat  doubles its frequency

All because of my love for you,

Everything for me is fine;;

When you lie by me so quietly and so calmly,

And I ask myself what life would have been without you

So loving and so caring as you are,

I cannot thank God enough

For the precious gift

That is you to me.

Keep on shining, loving one!

Keep on fanning the flame of our love

Forever to keep burning!

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