Big breaking FIFA news

Big breaking world news;
Sepp Blatter is gone;
The king of world football is out;
Another Saddam Hussein is gone;
Another Muamar Ghadaffi has fallen
With a golden gun in hand;
Who could have imagined?
That the man who reigned
For 17 years in world football
Would resign;
His golden gun in hand?
Nothing lasts for ever;
Not even Sepp Blatter in Fifa;
Not even Idi Amin in Uganda;
Not even Saddam Hussein in Iraq;
Nor Muamar Ghadaffi in Libya;
Jean Bedel Bokassa in Central Africa;
Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire;
The Shah in Iran;
Not even Apartheid in South Africa;
Not even Communism in the East;
Not even the Berlin Wall;
There is a time to come
And a time to go;
A great lesson to all;
And the dictators of the world;
However long you stick to power;
Sooner or later the day comes;
And you must go.
Sepp Blatter is gone!
The giant of world football
Is down;
A great day for world football
Or a dark day?

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