Let’s start loving again

Hello darling!
Why don’t we start loving
Each other again?
Why don’t we revive
Our love for each other?
I like us to take our love back
To where it used to be;
To again start living like
Real husband and wife
As we used to do
Instead of making
As if we hated each other;
Let’s start enjoying each other’s
Company again
As was often the case
When we started our relationship;
Do you remember
How madly we were in love?
How we adored each other?
I do recall how we could sit
Together for hours
And talk and laugh,
And enjoy each other’s company;
I pray my love,
That we take our love back
To that state;
Are you ready, my love?
Shall you begin to love me again?
Shall we find time today
To sit and talk
And carve out a better way forward?
I know your answer is yes;
And I want to thank you for accepting
To love me once again!


6 thoughts on “Let’s start loving again

  1. Great piece, how often we forget that we need to keep the flame alight in each other. When you deviate from the good things you always did when you started off or before marriage, trouble sets in and starts accumulating until the day it explodes.

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