Sepp Blatter: A success or a failure?

Sepp Blatter has reigned.
He will no longer be the President of the world football’s governing body. He had hardly finished celebrating his re-election to the same position for another five-year term of office when to the shock of many around the world he announced his resignation at 79.

Sepp Blatter is the king of football. He is more than most presidents. He has called the shots in world football for 17 years. When we talked world football, we talked Blatter.

Now he has resigned.The mountain has fallen into the sea.

Is he a success or a failure? Will he turn out to be a success or a failure? As Blatter carried out his responsibilities as the President of World FIFA, was he planting the seeds of success or the seeds of failure? Was he fanning or blowing off the fire of his life and legacy?

Remember our post Don’t blow your life.

The years ahead will tell. Already, let’s take note: all that glitters is not gold.

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