How strong are you?

Tell me:
Are you strong or weak?
How strong are you?
How strong are your legs?
Can you stand the trials of life?
How strong are you
To face the challenges
That are bound
To come your way
As you journey through life?
How strong are your shoulders;
To carry life’s daily burdens?
You have to be strong, my friend;
For if you are weak,
The world will swallow you;
If you do not develop strong legs,
You may be swept off your feet;
And dashed on the rocks;
Be strong!
Life demands this of you;
Be strong!
The world is not for the weak;
The world is for the strong;
So, tell me:
Are you strong
To stand the tests of time?

6 thoughts on “How strong are you?

  1. We cannot be strong all the time…we are human. It would be great if we could be…and people are so so different, some will embrace this outlook easier than others…and that is just fine. We will have times when we must withdraw, recharge our batteries, and above all be kind to ourselves…we must not judge ourselves too harshly. We must listen to our bodies, our minds and also feed our souls with spiritual nourishment…tread gently on this Path…

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