People who are kind to animals

Are you kind to animals? Do you love animals? It looks like people who love animals and are kind to them are also kind to humans; and tend to succeed more in life.

What do you think? Do you find any relationship between loving and being kind to animals and succeeding in life?

21 thoughts on “People who are kind to animals

  1. I think animals can read human character (especially dogs) and are attracted to compassionate people. Those who are kind to animals are usually compassionate with people as well which makes relationships successful.

  2. I don’t like for them to be abused or used for monetary gain, hunted down for trophies or used as puppy or animal mills and I am losing interest in wanting to eat meat….I have observed a few that are animal advocates but have a distaste for people of faith..

  3. I have always connect animal Love with loneliness. Most people I see in relationships with people are into people. Married people typically get animals: when they can’t have children, when their children want a pet, or the brought a pet into the relationship. People that Love people, typically Love people.

  4. I tell you what I think here. I can’t believe, I’m on the same spiritual plane with people who are cruel to other and animals. Do we share life together so theres balance?

      • Pardon the late reply, really awkward. I guess, it’s in our nature to hurt as much as to love. I think its a process that we have to first learn and what love and hate are. What its cause and effects are and how that relates to us. Once we know the difference we choose what to do with it. I choose-by learning the consequences [sad] that I didn’t like hurting others.

  5. Humans, animals, insects, plants, etc etc all of them God’s creatures, all to be treated equally with respect and love and care…we are put here to be care-takers NOT controllers…so so often we forget this…sadly…

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