Your time is on the run

Who can turn back the hands of the clock?
I know none that can do;
I know none that has done.
I know none that will ever do;
So now that you are young and strong,
And with energy and vitality bustle;
And also can run and jump and skip;
Do all that you can do
Before your bell makes a shout at you,
To say your time is up;
For there’s nothing you will do,
If time wants to win the race;
And the way I see things go,
Your time is on the run;
If your bones don’t give way soon,
Your muscles will do the job;
Your energy will soon be gone,
And what can anyone do?
If time is not on your side,
There is nothing you can do;
So make the most of it now,
To be the one God wants you to be;
And make the world a better
Place for all.

5 thoughts on “Your time is on the run

  1. I second Yoshiko above… Earthly time runs so quickly and in the blinking of an eye, you suddenly realise your children have all left home and you think…what legacy can I leave behind me? What am I here for…? Thoughtful…

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