A bible verse that can change your life

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts” (Proverbs 4.23).

This verse can change your life.

If you have been allowing negative thoughts to dominate your thinking, this verse is for you. Your life will be marked by negativity if you allow negative thoughts to fill your mind.

Many people hear these words and do not take them serious and continue to fill their minds with negative thoughts. The result is they experience many failures in life.

Start now to turn all negative thoughts that come to your mind into positive thoughts. Give no room to negative thoughts in your mind.

If you do this you will become a positive person; and your success will be guaranteed.This is not an easy thing to do, however, but you must try and keep trying until you succeed.

12 thoughts on “A bible verse that can change your life

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  2. I managed to fake it til I made it quite some years ago. I noticed the difference, but that was before all my medical conditions took over and poisoned my thinking. I am going to try again to be the positive person I know I can be if I work on it.

    • You owe yourself that, lovely Tessa. God works in miraculous ways. Very often we see the last becoming first and vice versa. People are down today who shall be up tomorrow. Take courage! See my poem.

      • I must be doing something right as people have commented on my positivity in the face of my medical state and that I have humor and that I am a great woman. All things that are helping in reshaping my positivity. Thank you for your response.

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