People blow their lives.

Do you know anybody who has blown or who blew their life?

There are people who are doing extremely well in life and people have a lot of hope in them but unfortunately they become reckless or negligent and do one thing that shatters them. All the promise goes off in flames.

Do you know anyone like this? Maybe someone who lost it through an unscrupulous search for money; ill-gotten wealth, infidelity; tax evasion; violence against women, etc.

Can you share what you know? Tell us about somebody you know who has blown their life and how it happened.

6 thoughts on “People blow their lives.

  1. I teach high school in a women’s prison. My classroom aides also are prisoners. Each aide has a university degree and a supportive family, and each one had a promising life. But each one also committed a serious crime that led to a prison sentence. My observation is that many of these prisoners committed crimes after becoming involved with men who were bad influences on their lives. Many of the crimes were a result of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Several of these prisoners made one bad decision and committed only one crime such as robbery or driving under the influence of alcohol, but it resulted in someone’s death, and now there is a lengthy prison sentence. I know that many of these women are in the process of turning their lives around and will become productive citizens when they are released from prison. I know that many will not.

  2. I do know… She was a very positive-happy-lively person. She did good in school college. She had everything a teenager could want. But she had dreams, not supported by her family. She gave up too soon to fit in their mould. She deceived herself by telling that she would be happy and would keep everyone around her happy. Then her compulsion to keep herself and her loved ones happy, she started living a dual life. The day it was came in light. everything fell apart. BUT, she rebuilt her life and is in the process of creating a new life for her.

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