The farce of human rights

Those who talk the most in the world about the need to respect human rights may, knowingly or unknowingly, be the greatest violators of human rights.(Tweet)

I read a poem by Gordon Stewart titled “The Worst jobs in America” and it set my mind thinking.

I ask the question: who does the worst jobs in America? Are they Americans? Who does the worst jobs in the developed world? Are they the citizens of those countries? Who is doing the worst jobs in Canada today? Are they Canadians?

You know the answers to these questions. What are we talking about when we sing complains about human rights abuse? Why are the worst jobs done only by people from some parts of the world? Is that human rights respect?

What happens to their dignity when they are humiliated thus? How much do they earn when they do these filthy jobs? And where do they live? What life-style do they live after they do these filthy jobs on the most meager salaries in the world?

Where are the human rights defenders? How serious is the world about defending the human rights of the poor and weak?


4 thoughts on “The farce of human rights

  1. So true..everything in this world seems to be at the disposal of convenience. When the world seems to be a platform of awakening, that very moment is a version of the farce. Human rights begin at homes, society and ultimately the world.

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